[Tumblr original] “I have pee-pee on my eyelid.”

These are the moments I’ll treasure forever. But I will always wonder… How does a five-year-old boy fall into the toilet?

Tonight while preparing dinner, Number One was carrying out his nightly bathroom ritual. My husband and I were talking in the kitchen when we heard him from the bathroom say in the most pathetic voice, “Ahhhh, maaaaan…” Then the panic set in. “I fell into the toilet after I’d already gone!” This is when I was reminded of what a perfect partner I have in my husband. There was NO way I would have been able to keep a straight face or keep from laughing right in his sweet little face saying, “How’d you do THAT?!?!?” But my dear husband calmly entered the bathroom, cleaned up the watery mess on the bathroom floor, and reassured him that everything was OK. Then he helped him into a nice warm bath while I finished making dinner. I could hear him say to my husband as he was getting into the tub, “I have pee-pee on my eyelid.”

We still don’t know how it happened or how much of him made it into the toilet, but he was soaked and so was the bathroom floor. This is the kid who often demands a bath after he poops so I imagine he was repulsed beyond comprehension. I think I would be pretty grossed out myself.


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