Iron Sky

While browsing YouTube, I stumbled across this little gem. Remember New Shoes from 2011? Same guy. Aside from the pure awesomeness exuding from Nutini’s soul in Iron Sky, the speech in the middle gave me goosebumps. I thought maybe it was a famous speech by a great European leader, similar to some of America’s greatest like MLK’s “I have a dream” speech. After some digging, I discovered it’s from Charlie Chaplin’s first “talkie” called The Great Dictator. The controversial film debuted in 1940 as a satire of Hitler, a bold move by anyone’s standards. We watched it and weren’t sure how we felt about it. There was a gut-wrenching sadness fully present as the slapstick comedy displayed across the screen, but even Chaplain himself admitted he made too light of the atrocities, not realizing the true extent of the horrors of the Jewish Ghettos and the Holocaust. From what I understand, Chaplin added the speech at the end of the movie as an outright kick in the teeth to Hitler and the Nazi regime as the war escalated with the invasion of France.

Here is the speech from The Great Dictator:

I can’t listen to the speech without tearing up, especially this version accompanied by Time. It’s a beautiful speech and an even more beautiful display of courage.

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