Feline Frenzy

The cat is sick. Very sick. He has been in and out of the vet for a week, and this whole thing is way more stressful than I ever anticipated. Ask anyone; they will attest to the fact that I’ve never been especially attached to either of our cats. I don’t despise them (well, maybe a little), but I don’t mistreat them and I’m genuinely concerned for their well-being. And I certainly don’t want them to suffer. This poor cat is 14 years old, and he has bladder stones, which I’ve learned is quite common. Suddenly, my heart aches for this cat.

As many of you have, we are faced with the decision to euthanize an old but otherwise healthy cat or allow the vet to conduct surgery and remove the stones. When this all started last week we were pretty well convinced we wouldn’t do the surgery, but as the week progressed we came full circle. They’ll do the surgery tomorrow, and our kids will now have to pay their own way through college.

It’s a damn HARD position to be in. I’m so sorry to those of you who have had to make that tough decision. I think if some of the variables in our situation had been a little different it might have been a little easier, but it wouldn’t have been easy.  And it shouldn’t be.

I just hope to God both cats go in their sleep when their times do come because, quite frankly, I’ve had enough of this whole difficult choices crap over the years. And might I add that I hope they both go simultaneously because I can’t handle the crying of the surviving cat like we’ve been listening to all week. It’s annoying, yes, but it’s also heart-breaking.

Here’s a picture of the healthy cat, waiting for her friend to return. It’s the least blurry one I could get because she’s such a spazz. She was looking at me like I was going to magically produce her long lost friend – or a bag of cat treats.

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