Magic Giant

I discovered Magic Giant last night during my son’s martial arts class. They followed my Instagram account. When I got the notification on my phone, I unsuspectingly started clicking and before I knew it I was completely bustin’ my moves – with headphones, of course. I’m not completely insane. Yep, right there in the sea of parents and younger siblings, there I was in my own world chair dancing. I’m convinced you cannot listen to them without moving at least one body part.

Many of my favorite artists today took a while to grow on me. Not these guys. They’re kind of surreal. There is no other indie band with lead vocals like this. Austin’s voice cuts like a sharp knife. And you don’t usually hear this blend of instruments together. They are arranged so well, it makes me wonder why no one thought of it sooner! They have a unique sound and unmatched talent. I can’t wait for more from Magic Giant!

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