Vegan Soy-Free Cake Recipe

This cake recipe has changed our lives. Before we discovered all of his food allergies, my son would get terribly ill after eating the slightest amount of typical party fair, including birthday cake. We have come so far! This recipe came from his preschool director who has multiple grandchildren with an array of food allergies. We now use…

Sloppy Joes (recipe)

I ran a small faith-based community center for college students during my early 20s. One of my duties was preparing lunch one day a week for the university students and faculty. We would serve anywhere from 20 to 50 people in exchange for a free-will offering each Wednesday. One of the recipes in my rotation was Sloppy Joes….

Pork Chop Crock pot Meal

I had a huge dinner success last weekend! My youngest has food allergies and is in feeding therapy for food aversions. (It’s a real blast!) And my oldest kiddo is a picky eater. S0 mealtimes where everyone eats the same thing are rare. I spent Sunday afternoon preparing soups for the freezer and decided to…

[Tumblr original] Breakfast Cookies

I make these all the time; however, instead of dried cranberries, I use raisins and semi-sweet chocolate chips. And I usually back off of the cinnamon just a hair. They’re perfect for breakfast on the go or for when I get to work in the mornings. LOVE THEM! Hope you do, too!